Testimonials from Customers and Clients

Awesome job!
This is great. Very captivating, has a great flow to it, and very powerful. It didn’t feel like 8 minutes while I was watching it, which is incredible!

— Tyler Way, Co-Founder/Creative Director / HasHeart.US

I thought your captioning placement was perfect and I can’t imagine starting that [Cole Porter song] Oo La La segment any other way than how you handled it…the intro does add something very important to the representation of what we do, beyond what one sees in just the songs.  It was a pleasure having you work with us on this project.

—  Valerie Anastasio & Tim Harbold / American Classics Concerts

The quality of our videos shot by Rich instantly stand out.  The attention to detail for lighting, framing the shot, and the superb audio quality are immediately evident in the final product.  Not everyone cares about your work like you do; but Rich is that guy.

— Alisha Guffey, Founder / The Ask & Tell Project

Richard gave flow and clarity to the editing of our interviews that really impressed us. The video of our company officers looks gorgeous, but natural. Even with supporting materials, he took the initiative. For a cost-savings illustration, we had a graphic that didn’t work for video. Richard translated it into an animated bar graph: simple, but effective.

— Renee Deger, Director of Communications / Enterprise DB

Everyone is really pleased . . .      Richard, thank you again for your great work on [celebrating the ordination of women in the Episcopal Church]. I really love the video you’ve put together. I think you’ve done a great job of capturing the feel of the event and our constituents will really enjoy it.

— Brendan Hughes, Director of Communications / Episcopal Divinity School

I’m no expert, but to my eye, the camera work, direction and editing are really excellent.  I know it must be a serious challenge to make it visually interesting when you just have me standing on stage for 90 minutes, and now with “Sigmund,” a totally immobile co-star …  Yet you nailed it.  Thank you for your creativity and vision.

— Rob Skinner, Creator and performer of “Sigmund Says” (music, song and satire)