Richard Fomo Productions LLC

Boston, MA 02130


This is used equipment in good cosmetic condition and good working condition with some exceptions.  Those are:  1) the audio inputs can no longer be switched out of “separated” status” ( making the change in the Audio menu has no effect); and 2) the remote control port of the Canon lens works only erratically now, such that it can’t be used with a remote zoom control.  Total usage time is 1,339 hours (indicated in the picture of the viewfinder screen).


Regarding (1):  my work-around is to use a Y-cable to record one source to both audio channels, if that is what you need to do.  For 2 sources of audio, patch as usual. 


Regarding (2):  the servo motor of the Canon lens is still in great condition, such that the lens can be smoothly operated with the “rocker” manual zoom control on the lens.  With the included Fuji lens zoom control cable adapter, the Fuji zoom lens can be controlled with the included Libec rear zoom control accessory (which also includes a “Record” start/stop button).  There is a switch on the Libec zoom control to select Fuji or Canon.  In my opinion, the Canon servo motor is a better, smoother motor and I have used it by reaching forward with my left hand to operate the zoom control on the lens.


What is included: 

the EX3 body and 14x Fujinon stock lens for the EX3 camera;

the Canon 18x “industrial” lens for ½” sensor cameras and the EX3 lens adaptor for ½” industrial lenses;

Libec Canon/Fuji rear zoom control accessory;

Sony AC power adapter and 3 DSTE BP-U60 batteries with battery level meters (they all work with the EX3);

Battery specs:  Li-ion 14.4 volts, 7950 mAh, 114.5 Wh; emulates Sony BP-U60 batteries, made in China;

2 SxS 32 GB cards, 2 SxS card caddies for SD cards, 6 class10 SD cards (4 @30 Mbps, 2 @80 Mbps) 


Note:  I currently have a custom cheese plate attached to the bottom of my EX3 for more options of adapting to tripods and custom shoulder sleds.  This required removing the EX3’s original shoulder pad extension.   I still have it and will include it in the package if you should desire to put it back on.  I saved the original screws as well.  I will include these items and some allen wrenches to put the EX3 back in its original state.