Featured Videos by Richard Fomo Productions

Richard shot principal videography on this Cambridge, MA, bioscience company for a series that airs on CNBC.  This version was edited by Richard for demo purposes only.

Richard filmed & edited the Mass. entry of the 50 States Project sponsored by HasHeart.us to benefit veterans through collaborating with artists on design and sale of T-shirts.  

This featured video is about vertical farming developed by Crop One Holdings in Millis, MA, USA, for the CNBC-UK series, “Sustainable Energy.”  Produced by Equal Productions Ltd.

Richard filmed & edited this early product demo of Pure Pro C smoothing gel developed by Silk Therapeutics and featuring a female model of an older demographic in her own home. 

This featured video is an example of Richard producing, directing, operating a jib cam & editing a FashionTV BTS music video.  It featured a photographer, a model and a vintage car.

Richard made this video entirely of footage shot with the Sony FX3.  All of the scenes are handheld; some stabilization was added in post.  The piece is a non-verbal narrative.

Richard filmed interviews, demos and a surgery at Saint Luke’s Hospital for this episode of “Innovations with Ed Begley Jr” featuring new technology by Whale Imaging, inc.

Richard was lead videographer for a team he assembled to record video content related to Johnson & Johnson events at Biotechology 2018 in Boston. Edited by Televisionary Prod.

This is a collection of clips shot by Richard of advanced techniques and technology in the medical sector:  a body of work that features high tech hospital settings and operations. 

Richard filmed & edited this never-released documentary short about the later work of ground-breaking contemporary sculptor, Lynda Benglis.  Filmed at her East Hampton, NY, studio.