Boston videographer Richard Fomo focuses on your story

These are either overviews or samples of various types of videography, editing or various types of productions – 4K or HD.  They are all typical of the type of content produced and the level of quality achieved by Richard Fomo Productions.

About Richard Fomo Productions – 4K & HD Video

RFP is a Boston-based videographer and editor who engages viewers through cinematic storytelling.  RFP shoots and edits corporate profiles, website promotions, customer testimonials, events and performances, independent movies and documentaries, presentations and conferences.  In short, RFP works in all the areas for which video is indispensable.  Richard can work in multiple roles from technician to director, even at the same time.  He creates naturalistic or dramatic location lighting; and audio is never an afterthought.  The goal of editing is not to overpower your viewers, but to engage them emotionally and thoughtfully.  RFP is drawn to work that can be both entertaining and edifying. The task, that we are given over and over again in the types of projects that embrace both of those aims, is to capture as authentically as possible the experiences and the thoughts of an employee, a patient, a user of a product, a person seeking training, a person seeking change. Our vision is our profession.


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RFP specialties are multi-camera production and customer/patient testimonials.  These are smart ways to preserve your hard work and accomplishments, disseminate it far and wide, and re-purpose that material for years to come.


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RFP’s Sony FX3 with pro audio accessory